Friday, May 18, 2012

Bright Friday Ahead

We're starting off with temperatures in the 40's and 50's this morning around the region -- it's a cool, clear morning and we're going to get a very nice day today as sunshine will dominate the weather picture through the course of the day.   That coastal low that was talked about for a few days is spinning up off of the Carolina coastline and will move little over the next few days...but its movement will be slowly to the north and towards us.  This will result in a gradual increase in high and then mid level cloudiness over the next couple of days.  While the weekend will be dry in general (there might be a shower on Sunday down near Rehoboth), the weather will still be dry through the weekend before moisture from this system reaches us on Monday.  That said, the cloud deck will be brushing by parts of the region on Friday, into Delaware and perhaps Cape May on Saturday, and into more of the region on Sunday.

Those high clouds could filter the sun from time to time, especially later in the day, but we'll have a very nice day overall.  Expect highs to reach the middle 70's inland (77 for a projected high in the city), with 70ish for a high at the Shore.  Nice day and a nice start to an ok but not great weather weekend.