Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Catching Up

If one overlooks the fact that much of yesterday's rainfall activity came in two heavy waves, the rainfall was definitely another nice dent in the rainfall deficits our region has been facing this year so far.  Rainfall from late Monday through 4 AM this morning ranged generally from less than a half inch in South Jersey and the Shore (where you guys ended up with the least rainfall overall) to over two inches across Northeast Philadelphia, as well as in parts of the Main Line and along the PA Turnpike near Valley Forge.  Most of the  rest of the Delaware Valley picked up over an inch of rain with a few exceptions (city, south and east).

Rainfall from late Monday and Tuesday helped to further whittle away deficits in much of the region (save Newark, NJ, and Reading, both of which is still in a dry zone of sorts) as the region's year-to-date rainfall is running over 60% of normal, with some spots now approaching 80% of normal rainfall for the year and for the Spring.   Philly's rainfall deficit stands at just over five inches year-to-yesterday...with rainfall for this month running a quarter inch above average.  Some locations are doing much healthier in the rainfall game but it's not on a widespread scale as you can see below.

For comparison's sake, an "average" rainfall week in Philadelphia in May is usually on the order of 0.84".   This recent rainfall event pretty much met the rain quota for the Airport for the week (and more than met it in Northeast Philly and in the northern/western burbs).