Thursday, May 31, 2012

Closing May Out With A Winner

The last day of the warmest Spring on record will be one of the nicest days of 2012.  It might be a touch warm to some but to others, compared especially to the heat of Memorial Day and Tuesday, it will be a welcome respite.  Skies will generally average out to mostly sunny if not mainly sunny (a few cumulus clouds firing in spots).  A frontal boundary is in transit through the region, bringing lower humidity levels to all...and it will clear out the fog in South Jersey and Delaware shortly after sunrise as it pushes off the coast.

With mainly or mostly sunny skies for all and with northwest breezes limiting sea breeze impacts to the boardwalks and perhaps a few blocks of real estate just inland, temperatures throughout the vast majority of the region should get into the lower or middle 80's this afternoon.  We're starting off in the 60's now so 81-84 regionwide should be do-able. Northwest breezes around 10 miles per hour will be manageable and enough to aid in nudging the dew point below 60.

Enjoy today...tomorrow's weather won't be quite as nice and the weather will go downhill on Friday night with another storm system moving in.