Monday, May 21, 2012

Cloudy with Rainy Periods

Temperatures this morning across the region range from the mid to upper 50's.  There are some areas seeing rain showers.  Currently those areas are confined to Central and Northern New Jersey, coastal areas north of Long Beach Island and Northeastern PA.  The rain has been moving in a general north to northwesterly direction.  This is all in response to a a coastal trough of low pressure has been retrograding its way inland from the ocean.  Strong high pressure to the north and east is allowing this to happen.

There is a large area of rain well offshore, east of Delaware and South and East of New Jersey.  Its moving in a North-North Westerly direction and should it hold together, will move inland and affect areas in interior New Jersey, east of Philadelphia and coastal areas from Atlantic City northward.  But overall, expect on and off showers throughout the day.

Temperatures will not budge much and only rise a few degrees from where they are at now.  Should some sun peaks through the clouds from time to time, those areas will see temperatures rise a bit higher.  But in general, expect upper 60's to low 70's to be the norm.  Winds will be off the ocean in an easterly direction, so it will provide a cool breeze.