Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Damp, Not A Nice Day Ahead

Skies are becoming cloudy in the pre-dawn hours this morning as a convoluted and complicated setup is going on out there.  A stalled out frontal boundary lies to our south and is trying to reverse course as a warm front.   To the north of that boundary are shower and thunderstorm complexes, the first of which is in Central Pennsylvania early this morning, with two more complexes of thunderstorms trailing back to the west and eventually northwest.  This warm front will slowly...and I mean sloooooowly...trudge through the Mid Atlantic through Thursday night as high pressure over New England has a strong enough block on atmospheric traffic to prevent much northward movement in the front.

The result?  Today and tomorrow will not be the most ideal of days from a weather standpoint, with today arguably worse as we have off and on showers around and cooler temperatures.  We will gradually improve on Thursday...hopefully...but we still run the risk of thunder in the forecast.  Showers will be with us, mainly through midday and the early afternoon but with clouds holding firm through much of the rest of the day to help keep temperatures down.  It will be a good bit cooler than yesterday's 79 degree high...daytime highs will only get into the middle 60's this afternoon with mainly cloudy skies and off/on rainfall.   West of the city could see some brightening of skies later today but odds favor everyone staying mainly cloudy today.