Thursday, May 10, 2012

Drying Out, Getting Breezy

 We picked up between a few hundredths of an inch and a half inch of rain depending on location last night, with the steadier and higher rainfall totals to our south and southeast -- Atlantic City picked up 0.43" from last night's rains.  Most of those are quickly exiting the region as of 5:30 AM this morning -- radar up above shows the back edge of rain generally in the eastern half of Central Jersey, quickly moving northeast.  We'll see the last of the showers exit coastal Jersey not long after sunup.

Today's themes will be the return of sunshine to the region as the frontal boundary pulls out of here -- thankfully -- and wind.  Gusty breezes from the west and northwest (12-18 mph sustained, gusts to near 30) will dry things out a bit today in the wake of our damp stretch of weather and a mix of sun and clouds will brighten skies up after a couple of relatively dull days.  With the frontal boundary east of the region we reside on its cooler side and temperatures this afternoon will be several degrees cooler than yesterday -- generally near 70 south and east, in the mid and upper 60's north and west of the city.  Philly will probably just miss out on 70 degree temperatures this afternoon but it's still shaping up as a pretty nice day on the whole.