Saturday, May 26, 2012

Early Fog, Warm Afternoon

Patchy fog and low clouds around the region this morning will not last too long...we should transition into a sunny (or a mix of clouds and sun) sky by mid to late morning as the late May sun works its magic and heats the ground.  Temperatures, which are starting out in the mid and upper 60's this morning, will quickly rise into the upper 80's this afternoon.  It would not surprise me if a couple of the more aggressive thermometers around town reach 90 degrees this afternoon if the sun pops out fast enough this morning.

A weak frontal boundary is slipping slowly southward into the region from the north.  It will not cross the region entirely but will fizzle out over Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  However, it will serve as a focal point for thunderstorm development this afternoon in some spots as instability is sufficient enough and atmosphere moisture is plentiful enough to allow for a few pop up, dodge-em storms.  These storms will slip east and southeast this afternoon.  Odds lean towards north and west getting any thunderstorm that pops up but, like the past few days, some locations will get a storm and others will not.  In today's case, about 70% of the region should avoid thunder.

At the Shore, temperatures will top around 80 early this afternoon before nudging back into the 70's with a south and southwest breeze.