Sunday, May 06, 2012

Forecast for Monday, May 7, 2012

A weak cold front tonight may try to develop some sprinkles or an isolated shower in the far northern areas. I have gone with mostly cloudy conditions for much of the night. There could also be patches of fog and drizzle here and there. 

A weak disturbance on Monday will develop a few sprinkles and showers in the region. Like the past few days, the sky is expected to have a lot of clouds mixed with any sunshine. 

On Monday Night, a warm front will begin to approach the region and it will slowly move through on Tuesday. This warm front is forecast to bring a round of showers and thunderstorms with it. There is some uncertainty with the temperatures and conditions on Tuesday as it will be highly dependent on the placement and speed of the warm front. There is a chance it will become hung up and temperatures do not even make it past 70 degrees north and along the boundary. It is still hard to say where Philadelphia will fall with respect to the boundary this far out and a lot of times we do not know until the day of the actual event. As is the usual with warm fronts this time of the year, there could be quite a temperature contrast from Mount Pocono to Georgetown. The warm sector would be prone to strong thunderstorms as a cold front approaches Tuesday Evening into Wednesday Morning or should any waves move along the warm front. 

Some computer model guidance indicates the cold front slowing down and maybe eventually stalling off the coast. If this occurs, an area of low pressure that is anticipated to form along the front later this week could impact the area with a round of steady rain and even a few thunderstorms. The timing of any rain from this round is expected to be from Wednesday Evening into early Thursday Morning with residual showers during the daylight hours of Thursday. But stay tuned…because the timing on this system may very well change. If a stronger low develops…some wind could be tossed in there too.