Tuesday, May 01, 2012

From Damp To Warm Today

Temperatures start out in the 50's this morning with showers around as warmer air is in the process of moving into the region.  A few rumbles of thunder can't be ruled out over the next couple of hours as these showers move through from west to east, with the lion's share of activity occurring before 9 AM before it pushes off the coast.   Rainfall totals this morning don't look terribly impressive but we should pick up at least something out of this.

After the showers push off the coast, sunshine will gradually break out from west to east, likely around or just after midday.  A westerly flow at the surface will not only dry us out but it will also warm us up as the sun takes over.  Despite the increasing westerly flow, there could be a thunderstorm or two that pop up late in the day thanks to the warmer atmosphere and lingering instability...but odds don't really favor this occurring.  Should it happen, New Jersey might be the "best" chance for it.

Highs today will get into the lower 80's south of Philadelphia, around 80 in the city, and in the upper 70's to the city's north.  Today may be the warmest day until Friday (which is the sorta hyped "big" warm day this week) as we battle a stalled frontal boundary that tries to comes back as a warm front...or should I say the front battles high pressure over New England, which will slow its northward push back through our region.  We could be in for a couple of days of "May Gray" around here as the marine influence fires up for Wednesday (especially in New Jersey) and Thursday (everywhere).