Friday, May 18, 2012

Gradual Decline In Weekend Niceness At Shore

As we march into the weekend, that weak coastal low that's been talked about a couple of times will gradually nudge towards the region. Its influence on our weather will mainly be in the form of mid and high level clouds that will blanket portions of the region, especially south and east of the city, on both Saturday and Sunday...with clouds spreading over more of the region on Sunday.   Along with those clouds comes a chance of showers...first for Delaware's beaches and Cape May by as early as Sunday afternoon, spreading over the rest of the region Sunday night and early Monday morning.

All in all, the weekend will be OK at the Shore but not great, with Saturday being the nicer and better day of the two for activities and hanging out at the beach.  The weather will be less ideal on Sunday but the first half of the day will likely be nicer than the second.

This coastal low will not be very strong in terms of air pressure or moisture so a widespread soaking doesn't look likely out of this on Monday when the region gets in on the showery fun.  However, there's enough moisture that the potential for a half inch or more of rain could result out of Monday with showers, especially along coastal sections.

Combined with the shower potential for Monday will be a steady east and east-northeast breeze off of the Atlantic starting today and continuing for the next few days.  While the storm isn't strong, there's enough of a pressure gradient between it and high pressure over New England to result in some decent breezes at the Shore that could exceed 20 and 30 miles per hour in gusts.  This could result in some minor coastal flooding on Sunday and Monday as those breezes help nudge higher tides up against the Jersey and Delaware coastlines.