Wednesday, May 30, 2012

If You Think It's Been Hot Here

India in the meteorological realm is known for its monsoon patterns that bring two distinct rainy seasons -- one in June through September, the second in November through February.   In the interim between the winter and summer monsoon, the subcontinent can get downright nasty hot in spots as dry northwest winds blow down off of the mountainous terrain to India's north.

Nothing like having a range of mountains to the country's north and a steady northwest wind to blow down off of those mountains, dry out the atmosphere, clear out the skies, and bring you blazing heat for days on end in late April and May.

Such is the case of Hyderabad, India, which is located almost in the middle of India.  Hyderabad has been at or above 100 degrees each day this month and has not been below 100 degrees for a high since April 28th.  Its average high and average low each day this month are a blazing 106 and 81, respectively (you can click the graphic below to see for yourself).

In comparison, Phoenix's average high and low this month are "just" 98 and 71.

The heat, even by Hyderabad's hot standards, is a bit unprecedented.  Its climatic averages in May are around 98 degrees for a high and 80 for a low.  Having looked back over past years to see how hot the heat has been in other years in Hyderabad, 2003 comes in as a relatively similar year (having hit 100 every day in that May but one day) but no May has pulled off the feat that this year will pull in India.

The good news is that the wet season sets up in June, with prevailing winds shifting from northwest to southwest, bringing in moisture and rain off of the Arabian Sea.  Hyderabad will likely see its heat break to some extent at some point in the next couple of weeks as the pattern shifts with the typical seasons.

At least we in Philadelphia won't have that kind of heat to deal with this summer!