Tuesday, May 01, 2012

In Fox 29's Forecast: "Anti-Bolaris"

FTV Live, a television gossip and chatter site, is reporting that Fox 29 is hiring The Weather Channel's Scott Williams to replace John Bolaris as their lead weather forecaster.  This story is also reported in The Philly Post on phillymag.com.

Williams, who shares the same name as the mediocre power forward the 76ers signed back in the 1990's, went to North Carolina State (unlike UNC for the basketball playing Williams) and has a degree in meteorology, which is more meteorological cred than Bolaris' Air Force stints could have provided.

Fox 29 News Director Steve Schwaid and GM Dennis Bianchi, both former NBC 10 alums, poached Williams from the NBC-owned Weather Channel to fill out the vacant opening that was created when John Bolaris' South Beach escapades were reported upon in Playboy, resulting in an initial suspension followed by an exit stage right.

Williams is described to FTV as "a good all-around guy" by Weather Channel colleagues and some have gone so far as to describe him as the "Anti Bolaris".

Williams' current role at The Weather Channel is as a meteorologist during "First Outlook" during the very, very early morning hours and also occasionally on CNBC's Squawk Box.

Williams is expected to join Fox 29 later this summer.