Saturday, May 26, 2012

Localized Soaking For Some

While many of us have avoided rain today -- the Shore and Delaware Beaches had a really nice day -- areas north and west of Philadelphia were prone to varying degrees of soaking. While some spots through 8 PM have picked up just nuisance rainfall, the Poconos were prone to some epic rainfall earlier this afternoon.

Doppler radar estimates (below) suggest that some parts of Carbon and Monroe Counties picked up over five inches of rain earlier this afternoon from slow moving thunderstorms.  Those thunderstorms developed early this afternoon, moving very slowly to the south and southeast through the course of the afternoon.  As new thunderstorms popped in Berks County, those split into two general paths -- one that worked into the northern and western parts of the Philly burbs, a second area that nudged down into Lancaster County.  Flooding was also common in and around Reading with these thunderstorms as they popped up due to their slow movement.

In addition to the heavy rains, some hail and gusty winds accompanied these storms in spots as well.

Today's storms were influenced by a weakening frontal boundary that worked into a moisture rich and unstable atmosphere, allowing for thunderstorm development to take place.  More are possible tomorrow across the region.