Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 31st, 2012 Forecast

Tomorrow might go down as one of the ten nicest days of the year.  If you could bottle the air and save it for, say, July or January, I'd suggest to do so but that exercise is kinda pointless given reality and science!  Still, in a metaphorical sense tomorrow is one of those days you wish you could bottle and save up.  Lower humidity levels, nice temperatures, and plenty of sunshine will make the last day of May pretty darn epic.

Getting to tomorrow requires us to deal with a chance of an evening shower or storm as the cool front pushes through over the next several hours from the west, as well as a chance for some patchy fog late tonight as residual ground moisture from rains react to a clear sky and light winds in the atmosphere.   Any storms that do cross the region should be through the city by 8 PM, off the coast by 10 PM.  Temperatures tonight will drop off into the 50's in the cooler burbs, lower and mid 60's in the city proper.

Tomorrow's highs nearly everywhere get to about 80, give or take a degree or two.

Tomorrow is the nicest day of the next several overall -- Friday features increasing clouds and a chance for storms by evening to our west, moving through during the night.  Saturday will be pretty nice after any lingering showers exit the region, as well as Sunday although a few showers may pop up in the afternoon.  Temperatures will generally be in the 70's after tomorrow for highs, lows around 60 on average.