Wednesday, May 02, 2012

May 3rd, 2012 Forecast

A damp, dreary, less than ideal day today will trend into a damp, dreary, less than ideal night as low clouds and fog hold serve over the region and a slow moving warm front continues its trudge through the region.   Tonight continues today's theme...and brings back showers and even a few rumbles of thunder to the region overnight as a thunderstorm complex that is in the Midwest this afternoon moves through overnight as a weakened line of showers and thundershowers.   Severe weather isn't anticipated locally from these but a few loud rumbles of thunder may wake you up after Midnight.  Adding "fun" to the forecast is the prospect of fog overnight in spots, especially across South Jersey and Delaware, as the ocean's influence continues to add moisture to the atmosphere.  Lows overnight will be in the 50's.

The foggy, damp start that may include a residual shower or thundershower will give way to some sunshine later in the afternoon tomorrow, especially west of the city as the warm front starts to push on through, but for those east of Philadelphia getting rid of the fog and low clouds will be an arduous ordeal.  Expect temperatures to range from the low/mid 60's at the Shore to the lower 70's west of I-95.

As we move into the weekend, warmth does finally win out...and it looks like it will linger into Saturday before a cool front finally pushes through in totality.  Friday is the warmer of the two as temperatures push into the middle 80's...perhaps warmer if we can get enough sunshine.   Thunder chances are higher north/west on Friday, across the region Saturday afternoon as the front slips through.  We'll chat more about this as we approach the weekend.