Monday, May 07, 2012

May 8th, 2012 Forecast

With a south-easterly flow almost all weekend, clouds have stuck around with a few showers and thunderboomers.  Today remained cloudy with some light passing showers, with a bulk of the rain headed in over the next few days.  After the frontal system passes, we'll see the sun come back out, just in time for the end of the week.

Skies will remain mostly cloudy as that southeasterly flow persists as a frontal system inches towards the region.  Temperatures overnight will stick in the mid-50's around the metro and south to the lower 50's as you head north.  Moving into Tuesday, the winds will slowly shift from a southeasterly direction to out of the south as the system moves closer to the area.  The region still need more precipitation, and that's just what we'll get with overcast skies and rain showers throughout the day Tuesday.  In the afternoon, there is a chance for thunderstorms into the overnight.  These thunderstorms might venture into the strong side, but very few will reach severe levels, if any at all.  Temperatures for Wednesday will be in the lower to mid-70's.

Showers and the possibility of thunderstorms remain for Wednesday however, as you head toward evening and into Thursday, showers will dissipate to the scattered variety.  Temperatures remain in the lower 70's on Wednesday.  Skies will start to clear but with a persistent weather system, skies will remain mostly cloudy and still a chance of showers early.  Friday, the clouds finally break and the sun does eventually come out.  Temperatures will be down slightly, but warm enough to dry out nicely.

The weekend is shaping up to be a springtime jem.  Temperatures will be in the mid-70's with times of sun and clouds.  Humidity will be fairly low, so we may see Red Flag Warnings up once again, however the ground will not be as dry as about a month ago.  Mothers Day is looking very nice to have a lunch or dinner outside with Mom, with partly cloudy skies.  The start of the next workweek look to still be dry and warm, looking like a great day to take your lunch outside.