Sunday, May 27, 2012

More Thunder En Route For Some

Update, 8 PM: Storms are working through Harrisburg and into Lancaster County from the northwest. This line that's working through Central Pennsylvania has had a history of wind more than hail...and brought a gust to 87 mph to Chambersburg earlier this evening.  That part of the line will miss us.  The part that may hit us is north Harrisburg up through western Schuylkill County as of 8 PM.  It's not as strong and as the sun sets shortly it will continue to slowly fade.  That said, it's going to probably make it into the western burbs in some capacity over the next hour or two...albeit in a weaker state than now.  Gusty winds and some heavy rains are certainly possible as those storms move in.  The worst of the storms, at this point at least, look to pass southwest of the region (towards Baltimore and DC).

The evening is offering another smattering of thunderstorms across Pennsylvania, again favoring areas north and west of Philadelphia.  Unlike yesterday, a severe thunderstorm watch that was issued earlier this afternoon does not include our region but it is essentially for that line of thunderstorms that is moving into Central Pennsylvania from the west.  The watch is out until 1 AM and the line is slow moving...and given its trajectory it may not be all that strong if it survives the trek across Pennsylvania and gets into our neck of the woods later tonight (if it even holds together).

However, we do have localized thunder to worry about.  As of 5:30, cells are firing from Easton to Allentown to Reading back into Schuylkill County.  The cells are generally moving slowly east and could work through the northern suburbs over the next several hours.  If they reach Philadelphia, it probably isn't until 9 PM or so at the earliest...again, if they even hold together and if they take a more southeasterly route.

Any thunderstorm that develops could bring localized downpours, gusty winds, and maybe some hail...but heavy rain is the bigger threat because of their slow movement.

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