Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No 90's Today But Maybe Some More Thunder

We're in a cooler place this morning compared to yesterday -- temperatures are in the upper 60's or around 70 at 4 AM -- thanks to yesterday's storms moving through.  Despite there being more bark than bite for the city and points southeast, there was some bite to the storms yesterday afternoon and evening across portions of the suburbs and especially farther west where storms did yield some wind damage...and farther west, localized flooding.  The cool front responsible for those storms has yet to clear the region, which means today will be another humid day.

There are a couple of batches of showers on the radar early this morning -- one to the west through northwest of the city that will pass to the city's north between 5 and 7 AM.  The second is to the south of the city in Virginia and Maryland, which is working northeast.  That batch of showers will cross Delaware, South Jersey, perhaps grazing Philadelphia for a time later on this morning.  The south batch of showers will hang around through mid or late morning before exiting the coast but should, except for a graze of the city, stay mainly a New Jersey and Delaware item this morning.

This afternoon features a mix of clouds and sunshine as the front begins to push somewhat eastward, with more sunshine possible west of the city than east of it this afternoon.  The airmass to our west will destabilize a notch or two, resulting in a few pop up thunderstorms in Central Pennsylvania that will push eastward later this afternoon and early evening hours.  Severe weather is not likely with the pop up activity but a gusty breeze, heavier downpour, perhaps some small hail cannot be ruled out.  It shouldn't, however, be as nasty a line as the one that hit Central PA yesterday.

Temperatures today will be sunshine dependent but hitting 80 this afternoon shouldn't be too tough a deal to knock out.  We're projecting 84 in the city this afternoon, upper 70's at the Shore.  Tomorrow promises to be cooler and humidity should be much less a factor.