Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not-So-Terrific Tuesday

Scattered areas of showers are out and about in the Mid Atlantic this morning -- not everyone is getting rained on but with a few varied areas of rain throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia all lifting north and northeast rain is going to be today's theme in the region.  It won't rain all of the time and, in fact, some of the afternoon hours could feature some periods of sunshine busting through a broken overcast.    Radar overlay up above from just before 5 AM shows one area of rain lifting through the northern suburbs.  A second, larger area is southwest of us and poised to lift through during the latter half of the morning commute and until midday.  This second area should lift out, with the potential of some sunny moments for the afternoon.

Those breaks in the clouds, if they happen, could fuel thunderstorm development this afternoon and evening across Central Pennsylvania into the western burbs.

Any shower or storm could bring localized heavier rainfall with it.  Severe weather does not seem likely...heavier downpours really seem to be the "big" issue with thunderstorm activity that would fire this afternoon but one can't rule out some stronger wind gusts if storms do fire.  Rainfall potential could exceed an inch and a half from the heaviest thunderstorms today but outside of the usual suspect streams that can rise pretty quickly and roads that like to pond up flooding is not a concern today.

Highs this afternoon will reach the mid 70's in many locations, assuming some sunshine does indeed break out.  The earlier this morning's shower activity exits out, the potential for 75 or a couple of notches higher for an afternoon high.