Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Officially Warmest Spring On Record In Philly

The warmth of the past few days brought what looked likely last week -- the warmest Spring on record in Philadelphia was clinched yesterday.  Barring any miraculous cold shot that moves in after today, the average temperature for March through May will be at least 58.1 degrees (probably a few tenths higher by month's end), which will best the 2010 gold standard of Spring heat in the Delaware Valley.

Three of the top eight warmest Springs have occurred in the past three years, with 2011's 56.1 tied for 7th on the chart above.  Much of this warmth is thanks to the second warmest March on record -- but this May is likely shaping up as a top six warmest May on record as well.  Temperatures through yesterday have averaged 3.9 degrees above average, with our monthly temperature of 67.3 currently sitting in 7th place all time.  With today's heat and another warm (but not as steamy) day ahead on Wednesday, we will likely nudge ourselves ahead of 2011 (67.4 degrees for an average temperature) and into the sixth spot.

1991 is the warmest May on record -- an average temperature of 70.8 degrees for the month, nearly seven degrees above our current average. 

For those keeping score at home, this will be the 16th month in a row of above average temperatures in Philadelphia...the record since the move to the Airport site in 1940 is 17 months from October 1990- February 1992.