Friday, May 25, 2012

Pushing Towards Warmest Spring On Record

We have a week to go in meteorological Spring and the potential for another warmest Spring on record seems pretty high given the warm temperatures projected for this coming weekend and for next week.

Through yesterday, the average temperature for Philadelphia this Spring is 57.2 degrees...which would place it 5th all time simply based on data through May 24th.  Of course, the last week of May is traditionally the warmest of Spring based on average temperatures so one can only assume without looking at a forecast that the average temperature would increase.  Based on forecasts over the next seven days, we can probably tack on an addition 1.0 to 1.4 degrees to that average temperature between now and May 31st.  Assuming either end of the spectrum is reached, we will set a record for warmest Spring on record in Philadelphia.

Helps when March was the second warmest on record and May likely shapes up as close to top ten in warmth thanks to our recent and soon to occur warmth.

Even though we're setting records locally for pales in comparison to the torching that's going on in the Midwest and that began in March in the Great Lakes and developed in April across the Plains...continuing off and on through this month.  Average temperatures based on the map below are as high as four degrees Celsius (that's seven degrees in Fahrenheit) so far this Spring in parts of Nebraska, Kansas, and the Dakotas...with temperatures across the Northwest and Mid Atlantic pushing over five degrees above average since March 1st.

Average for Philadelphia through yesterday was 52.7 degrees, with our current Spring temperatures 4.5 degrees above that mark.  We will likely end up with a Spring that's close to five degrees above average when all is said and done...and likely with the warmest Spring on record for the second time in three years.