Monday, May 14, 2012

Rainy Monday

A rainy day is on tap for the entire area.  There are some light showers currently in Southern New Jersey and all of Delaware.  The rain will remain light through the morning the hours.  Far northern areas like in Northeast PA and central/north Jersey may stay dry for another two to three hours.  However, by afternoon the rain will increase in coverage and intensity.  We could see some heavy rain at times especially, by the evening hours.  The heaviest rain, should be confined to areas in eastern PA and well west of the city of Philadelphia.   Can't rule out a thunderstorm or two, but don't expect anything severe and will mainly produce periods of very heavy rain and lightning.  Some areas, especially in parts of PA could see totals of up to two inches of rainfall.

Temperatures in the low mid 60's to start the day for much of New Jersey, Delaware and Southeastern PA.  However, they are a bit cooler, in the mid to upper 50's, over the Poconos and Northern New Jersey.  For the most part, temperatures should remain fairly steady and rise only a few degrees throughout the day.  Winds will be light from the south and southwest.

We'll see the rain linger into tomorrow, for at least the first part of the day.  Conditions will improve as we move into later this week and into the weekend.  If there is going to be an all day rainfall, better it be on a Monday than during the weekend.