Thursday, May 17, 2012

Reviewing First Half Of May 2012

The first portions of May have been a bit damp, if not soggy in spots, but also mild.  Temperatures so far this month are running 2.8 degrees above average, with an average monthly temperature of 64.4.  It's not the warmest May or even one of the warmer months of May but it is yet another mild month in a stretch of mildness that goes back to February 2011.  Temperatures in general have been rather mundane so far this month, only trending significantly milder over the past few days as we picked up a warmer, more humid airmass.   The warmest days so far were this past Sunday and yesterday (both of which hit 82 for a high).

Rainfall month-to-date in Philadelphia is at 1.96", about an eighth of an inch above average so far.  Other locations nearby are doing even better in a rainfall standpoint -- Allentown is running three-fourths of an inch above normal, Trenton is 1.61" above normal for the month so far.