Saturday, May 26, 2012

Severe Storm Watch Until 8 PM NW of City

The atmosphere's primed enough for dodge em thunderstorms to our northwest, thanks to a slowly sagging frontal boundary that will do little to cool anyone off as it fizzles.  However, it is an atmospheric boundary and in our humid airmass it's enough of a trigger to help thunderstorm development.  Severe thunderstorms have popped in a number of spots in Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania, slowly sliding into Northwest Jersey.  The result of these storms popping is a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 8 PM for the counties in the pink shading to the city's northwest.  The city, South Jersey, Delco, Chester County, and Delaware are not in the watch.  However, Trenton, Montco, Bucks, and points north and northwest of there are.

These storms are slow movers, capable of dropping heavy rains.  In addition to the heavy rain, gusty winds and some hail are accompanying the strongest of storms.

Higher resolution modeling has these storms working into the northern burbs by 7 or 8 PM this evening...they aren't in any hurry to move.  However, as they slide south into the Delaware Valley they may weaken as they lose the influence of daytime heating on what is the second warmest day of the year so far in the region.  That's a few hours away and we'll keep an eye on it through the course of the evening.

For those of you in South Jersey and Delaware, if these hold together you probably won't get impacted by them until after 9 or 10 PM this evening at the earliest.

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