Thursday, May 24, 2012

Similar Script To Yesterday

Yesterday's scattering of thunderstorms brought anywhere from no rain in Philly and a number of other locations to as much as three inches of rain near Allentown.  Yesterday's thunderstorm coverage was scattered around but more numerous to the north and west thanks to the benefits of higher elevation, more sunshine in the morning, and better instability.  Today features a similar setup...mainly cloudy skies to start that will give way to a hazy sun/cloud mix as we work into the latter half of the morning.   That hazy sky will fuel thunderstorm development after midday across the region.

Higher resolution computer modeling is hinting that the best chances for thunderstorm development this afternoon will occur away from the the Shore probably stays driest today while the areas that could see the most rainfall may once again reside north/west of I-95.  Any thunderstorm that does develop could bring localized heavier downpours, frequent lightning, and will not be in any hurry to move.  This could result in some localized flooding in spots...especially in areas that got slapped around pretty good yesterday by Mother Nature.

Temperatures are starting in the 60's this morning, will rise into the lower 80's away from the ocean this afternoon. The Shore probably gets to the mid 70's before all is said and done today.