Thursday, May 10, 2012

Some Drip Away From Dry Spell

While we are still dealing with a significant departure in terms of rainfall year-to-date, one that ranges from between three and five inches throughout the region, the recent light and moderate rains around the area are denting the dry spell around a good bit.  This morning's drought monitor update for the Northeastern US shows a pretty decent dent in dryness from last week to this.   Factoring in that this week's report does not factor in rains from Tuesday and Wednesday and one will likely see further reductions in orange on next week's mpa.

In terms of coverage around Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware:

*Coverage of what is defined as "abnormally dry" in Pennsylvania (yellow shade) dropped from 60% to 34.8% this week, mostly knocked back in Central and Western PA where steady rains fell last week.  The orange shade of moderate drought remained at 14%, confined to Eastern and Southeastern PA.
*New Jersey and Delaware have seen no changes in drought coverage -- with both states in either moderate or severe drought.  I do think the rains from this week will shave some of this down to "abnormally dry" when we see the update on this next week.
*New York (mainly Upstate) saw reductions in "dry spell" coverage as well, with the state now under 40% for geographic coverage.

With another 0.50-1.50" (in general) falling from Tuesday and Wednesday's rains, I think you'll see further drop backs in the short/moderate drought coverage areas...and with another slug of rain on the horizon for the middle of next week, we could see further improvement in our dry island in the Delaware Valley.  Just for note's sake, we're 0.01" above average through this morning in Philadelphia, with 1.01" of rain falling so far in May.  Can't do much better than that...and the rains of Tuesday and Wednesday were spot on perfect in terms of slow and steady in this part of the world...and definitely appreciated.