Friday, May 11, 2012

Tons o' Sun, Great Start To Weekend

We're off to a pretty cool start around the region -- temperatures at 4 AM range from  the 30's in Quakertown to the 40's in many other locations.  A few 50's, mainly along I-95 or at the coast, dot the landscape.  Skies are clear and should be mainly sunny over the course of the day and temperatures will be a few degrees warmer than yesterday as the airmass that moved into the region yesterday modifies under the stronger May sun.  Even if a few fair weather clouds pop in the heating of the day, they should be relatively few in number.   As the day progresses, winds will pick up a bit thanks to the sun mixing the airmass up a bit, with northwest and west winds at 12-18 miles per hour through the day, occasionally gusting over 20.  Not quite as breezy as yesterday but still noticeable at times.

High temperatures this afternoon will generally range from 70 NW to 73 in the city and southeast.  Since "normal" is 72 we'll be just about in line with reality.  Today will be the appetizer for a really nice weekend with tons of sunshine and warming temperatures.