Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weather Rewind: May 20-26, 2012

A summery week through the Delaware Valley last week as temperatures averaged out to 5.9 degrees above average, thanks in large part to the 85 and 86 picked up last Friday and Saturday, respectively, and also the warm overnight lows in the 60's each night after Sunday as a humid airmass moved over the region thanks to the coastal trough that moved onshore Sunday night and brought those rains to the region early on Monday.

While no records were set this past week on temperature, the warmth we picked up the past several days will likely push us to a record warmest Spring and a probable top ten warmest May when all is said and done.  We're 3.3 degrees above average for the month so far with the bulk of warmth forthcoming in this coming week.

Total rainfall varied by location, in some cases quite wildly, but in Philadelphia the total was 1.28" this past week.  We're running 0.15" above average month-to-date in the city but Allentown is running an inch and a half above normal...and Wilmington is running over an inch below normal.  Rainfall has been more prevalent to the north because of elevation influences and in the last couple of days a frontal boundary getting hung up across the northern half of Pennsylvania.