Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back To The 90's

We're going back into the 90's around the Delaware Valley this afternoon as the first fingers of heat push back into the region.  This isn't the "classic" heat ridge or Bermuda High situation at work -- the heat that we're getting in the East is a byproduct of the Plains' heat getting shoved somewhat eastward.  The "ridge" isn't the most powerful and we're going to be on the northern fringes of heat but when you have 110 degree weather in Kansas and Colorado to work with and the mid level flow is coming from the west-southwest (from the Plains), heat will transport east.

We won't get to 110 but we'll certainly flirt with upper 90's for a couple of days in this pattern...thankfully, that's not today.  Highs today should solidly get into the lower 90's (90 to 93) for everyone away from the Shore.  The Shore gets into the mid if not upper 80's for a time before a bit of a seabreeze fires along the immediate coastline.  However, with a west-southwest wind at the surface relief will only be confined to the boardwalks.   Skies will be mainly sunny today and humidity levels will remain modest.  It won't feel terribly nasty out but it is a definite step in the warmer direction.

Some thunderstorms are in the forecast for late tonight and tomorrow morning as a "warm front" crosses the region -- it essentially separates merely very warm from hot.   More on those later today.

Excessive heat warnings are out for Friday through Sunday in the Delaware Valley as the heat and humidity combination will make it feel like 100-105 for Friday and Saturday at peak heat, near 100 on Sunday.