Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Back To The Seventies

We're starting today off in the upper 40's in some locations...and in the mid 40's in parts of the Pinelands very early this morning (see that 44 in Lakehurst in Eastern New Jersey!).  It's a coolish morning out there but today should be a bit warmer than the past couple of days, thanks to surface winds nudging a bit more to the west and southwest and the slowly weakening influence of the upper cold trough that's starting to it lingers overhead.

Like yesterday, skies will start sunnier and then transition towards variably cloudy later on.  There is some fog up in North Jersey this morning and some patchy fog around the Philly metro can't be ruled out before 7 AM as skies are generally clear to start the day.  Also like yesterday, the risk of a few showers and a rumble of thunder can't be ruled out across the region in the afternoon.  Computer modeling does suggest a bit more shower activity, especially north and east of the city, compared to yesterday and with a bit more warming in the lower atmosphere we can't rule out the possibility of some thunder later on as there will be a bit more instability to work with.  Some of this shower and storm activity could drift down into the Philly burbs and even into the city from the north early this evening but the main focus on precipitation is north and east of town this afternoon.

Highs get into the 70's across the region -- mostly mid 70's along I-95 and points south, with lower 70's across the Lehigh Valley.  It marks the slow beginning of a warming trend around here that will take several more days to reach its conclusion but could involve a 90 or two by early next week.