Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Big Step Into Heat Today

High and mid level clouds are common around the region this morning as the heat ridge begins to flex its muscle across the Delaware Valley.  It's going to be a hot day around here as temperatures jump from the lower 80's of yesterday to the middle 90's this afternoon.  We're off to a much warmer start than past days as temperatures are in the lower 70's along I-95, upper 60's just about everywhere else.  That warm start will fuel the hot finish later on as those early clouds thin and mostly sunny skies rule the roost later on.   The vast majority of us should be dry this afternoon but an isolated storm can't be ruled out in the Poconos or in Central Pennsylvania thanks to daytime heating.

Combining heat and humidity will push heat index values to around 100 in many spots this afternoon -- perhaps slightly above.  It will be hot and a bit of a shock to the system given the relative cool of the past few days.   The "relief" around the region will be found at the Shore, where midday highs in the upper 80's will cool a bit into the afternoon as winds veer more southerly and temperatures ease back towards 80 during the afternoon hours.  It will still be humid down there but with the 70 degree water off of Jersey and Delaware nearby the potential for some brief relief is there this afternoon.