Thursday, June 21, 2012

Brushing A Record

Today marks the worst of the heat.  Thankfully, dew point values won't be too terrible this afternoon otherwise the nastyness of today would be exacerbated.  It will still be kinda humid out there as dew points hang out in the mid 60's.  Combining that with high temperatures that will top out between 98 and 100 at the worst of the heat this afternoon, heat index values will exceed 100 in many locations at the worst heat of the day.

Records are possible in a number of spots.  Today's records are a bit more attainable than yesterday -- generally in the 97, 98 range in a number of spots, with Philly's record of 99 probably the toughest to knock out.  We're projecting 98 for the Airport this afternoon although some locations will brush 100...and some bank thermometers will nudge higher.

The heat ridge responsible for this is well-stacked and capped locally...the city and places south and east of us should stay dry through today and probably through tonight.  However, modeling is trying to fire a thunderstorm or two up in Central and Western Pennsylvania this afternoon.  Odds don't favor much more than isolated or pop up thunder in the mountains...should anything develop, it should stay west and northwest of our immediate area but we're not discounting the chance completely just in case one or two fire closer to home.  Any storm could become locally strong if not severe.   With a cool front approaching from the west tomorrow, a better chance of thunderstorms will exist for us....and some of those could be pretty strong.