Friday, June 29, 2012

Coming To

We're always looking to tweak and improve our site, which turns seven on July 12th, and are looking to always enhance what we feel is the best weather discussion website in the Delaware Valley.  I don't brag much about it but I personally think it's a great site and a great group of guys who put in time to offer forecasts and offer discussion and as always, we're looking to kick things up a notch.

Mostly because I'm restless and can never "settle" on a constant formula.

We're introducing two new features to the quasi-weather related and one that is much more weather related.   Mondays, we are going to talk about a song that deals with or has a theme that pertains to weather...since the two have often played an integral role together for centuries.  Whether the song is well known, a bit more obscure, or something in piece of music that has a weather theme, title, reference of note to weather will be highlighted and we'll talk about the "story" behind the song...especially if there's a weather-related component to it.

On Wednesday, the more meteorological of our two features, is not anything new but a refocus of what Matt Lanza is already doing -- explaining what is going on out there in the wacky world of weather.  However, we're branding it "Weather Why's Wednesday."  The play on the title is to explain why something is occurring -- whether it's the wildfires in Colorado, excessive cold/heat/drought/snow, or something that you've always wanted to know about but couldn't find the answer (or we would hope a good answer) to and make someone more "weather wise" once we explain the why behind it.

Also, Tom Bartman will be occasionally contributing his take on the weather with a "Weather Umpire" segment.  He has blogged for and as an impartial observer to the weather will grade the forecasts much like we used to back in the day.

If you have an idea or question you've been dying to know for "Weather Why's Wednesday" please email Matt or myself and let us know!