Monday, June 11, 2012

Continuing The Hot Theme of 2012

May 2012 was the second warmest month of May since 1895 in the US, averaging 3.3 degrees above long term averages in what amounted to be the warmest Spring in modern climate records in the US.  In the US, 26 states recorded one of their ten warmest months of May on record, with 13 states recording a top five warmest May.   Two states had temperatures in May that ranked among the coolest third all time -- Washington and Oregon.

This year is also shaping up as one of the warmest on record in a number of locations, including Philadelphia (which we talked about last week).  29 states (including New Jersey and Delaware) have had their warmest first five months of the year on record so far and another seven can be lumped in with their second warmest start of the year on record (Pennsylvania is among those seven).  Only one of the lower 48 states were in the bottom half of years so far this year -- Washington, ranking as the 58th coolest since 1895.

National temperatures for the first five months of the year are averaging five degrees above long term averages (49.0 degrees for the US).  For Philadelphia, that average departure is just under five degrees.  Needless to say, 2012 may end up breaking a lot of warm records before the year is out.