Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dehumidifying Today

Temperatures are in the 60's and low 70's around the region this morning as the last of the clouds from the cool front hold over the region early this morning.  Clearing resides just west of the city and should push east through the area over the course of the next several hours.  This means a sunny day ahead of us...and clouds will be limited to pop up cumulus at worst later on today.

Temperatures will still be warm as there is little in the way of cooling behind the front -- temperatures will still get into the upper 80's this afternoon across a good chunk of the region, with perhaps some mid 80's farther north and at the Shore.  Otherwise, a warm, less humid day is on tap for all.  Northwest breezes at 10-16 miles per hour will help scour out and residual humidity and keep the less humid air funneling in.  A nice weekend is ahead of us as we go back to the 80's for both today and tomorrow.