Friday, June 15, 2012

June 16th, 2012 Forecast

The last few days have certainly been some of the best, weather-wise at least, in the last few months.  Comfortable temperatures around 80, low humidity, brilliant sunshine and light winds have certainly drawn people outdoors.  The good news is that this weather will continue through the weekend.  The bad news is that the heat gets turned up going into next work week.

Tonight is another nice night to keep the windows in the house open and get out and enjoy the nightlife.  Temperatures close to 60-degrees in the city, mid-50's to the north and west and inching above 60 to the south and east.  Skies will be partly cloudy and light east winds will prevent fog from forming.  Saturday is another carbon copy of the last two days.  Temperatures around 80-degrees under mostly sunny skies.  Winds will, once again, be light from the northeast.

Fathers Day is another gem, much like Saturday, with mostly sunny skies.  Monday will still be fairly temperate but the uptick in humidity will be noticeable.  From there, the heat is on!  Tuesday will see more in the way of heat under hazy sunshine.  Temperatures on Tuesday will be in the mid-80's however for anyone still at the shore or taking their lunch outside, it's will still be nice out.  Wednesday we start to see summer like temperatures filtering in the area, sticking around 90-degrees.  The "Three H's" (being hazy, hot and humid) will be in full effect.  Thursday much like Wednesday, with scattered showers or thunderstorms possible Wednesday to Friday as well.  Friday will still be warm, however possible not as hot. 

I want to wish every dad out there a Happy Fathers Day, and a special one to my dad!