Sunday, June 24, 2012

More On Late Night Thunder Threat

As we work into the evening hours, most of our region is dry.  Showers have broken out in Central Pennsylvania over the past couple of hours and are pushing east towards the Philly region, increasing in coverage a fair bit in the last 90 minutes or so.  Clouds are increasing as well ahead of the next frontal boundary that will cross the region tomorrow morning.  The rain and thunder associated with the front is over Ontario and Upstate New York, moving east and southeast.  We should see more shower and storm coverage fire up over the next several hours across Pennsylvania and Upstate New York, all sliding east and/or southeast.

The NAM hi-res (below) shows thunderstorms popping ahead of the cool front, with a look towards early tomorrow morning of rain and thunder in various places around the region.  Most of the shower activity will occur north of the city but thunderstorms are possible nearly anywhere later tonight.

Doug had pointed out that we're not under any risk of severe weather tonight -- I don't expect any severe weather of note...some storms will be strong later on...and given this is a nighttime event I would not be surprised if we get some louder lightning that can accompany nighttime thunder events.  Gusty winds are certainly possible along with some localized downpours.  Seven inches of rain, thankfully, is not likely with this event...I'm sure Ocean County will be quite glad to hear that!

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