Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Nice Break In Humidity & Heat

It's a comfortable...and dare I say...coolish start out there.  Temperatures early this morning are in the 50's outside of the I-95 corridor, with lower 60's in the city at 4 AM.  The bigger...and better story this morning is the crazy low dew point values for late June (all in the September-like 40's).  It's a comfortable start to the day and one where humidity levels will be modest throughout not just today but tomorrow as well.

Skies will generally feature a variable mix of clouds and sunshine today -- more sun for the city and south, a bit more cloudiness as one travels north and northeast.  With a trough in the atmosphere over New England and Eastern Canada, colder air aloft will agitate the sky and lead to a clouds popping later on...with the slight chance of a shower or sprinkle for those north of Allentown.

Highs this afternoon will generally hit the upper 70's this afternoon, with perhaps an 80 degree reading south of the city or amongst the bank thermometers in the city itself.