Saturday, June 23, 2012

Potential For Thunder Sunday Night & Monday

While the weekend itself looks pretty nice, the potential for showers and storms looms for Sunday night (mainly after Midnight) and Monday as another cool front slides down.  This front will have a bit more "bite" to it in terms of impacting temperatures, with the likely result of highs not getting out of the 70's for at least one day next week...perhaps more than one day.

The first fringes of the cool front move in on Sunday night and early Monday morning, with Sunday's storms from New York State and Ontario sliding southeast into the region and crossing in the pre-dawn or early morning hours (see above).  The front crosses the region later on Monday, with more showers and storms probably developing in spots as the front moves through.  Some of the storms could be strong if not severe but it's tough to say specifically how "good" the odds are for severe weather at this point.  Unlike yesterday's event, these storms will be coming in from a more traditional direction and not due to sea breeze enhancement.