Thursday, June 14, 2012

Relatively Nice Day Ahead

Temperatures are pleasant to start this Flag Day morning -- generally in the 60's across the Delaware Valley at this early hour.  Skies range from mostly clear farther west and northwest to mostly cloudy south and east of the city.  The influence of a coastal low that's sliding south in the Atlantic will wane a bit will maintain an east and northeast fetch of wind off of the Atlantic, which will result in temperatures at the Shore being cooler than farther inland...and that influence also means there's a chance of a sprinkle (especially at the Shore) this afternoon.  However, skies should transition across the region towards a mix of clouds and sunshine later on today, with more sun to the west and northwest of the city (much like yesterday).

Temperatures this afternoon will top out near 80 degrees along I-95 and points northwest, with 70's common across New Jersey for high temperatures.  Winds, generally from the east and northeast, will be a bit stronger at the Shore and could gust to over 20 mph there.  Elsewhere, generally 7-14 mph should be expected.  A nice day, similar to yesterday afternoon, seems to be in the cards around the area today.