Monday, June 25, 2012

Severe T'Storms then Clearing

It's only 7am, but the day is already off to a wild start as thunderstorms are already affecting areas, mainly in PA.  A Severe T'Storm Watch is in effect until 2pm for most areas.  See details and analysis in previous post.  A cold front is approaching the area and with the clash of two air masses, warm air ahead of it and much cooler behind it, we are at risk for some strong thunderstorms today.  Temperatures will not move much today with lots of clouds and will be a bit on the muggy side.  Expect temperatures to max out early in the day before the cold front passage.  The cooler air will move in from NW to SE through the afternoon hours and the front should clear the coast by 5pm.

Winds will shift from SW to NW with the frontal passage and there will be a nice refreshing breeze.  Temperatures will be very nice with cool nights over the next few days. But by the end of the week, things start to heat up and we'll be back in the 90's.