Sunday, June 03, 2012

Some Thunder For Parts of Region This PM

We'll monitor things occasionally through the afternoon and update this blog if really necessary.  The main point from this is that a couple of shots of thunder possible around the region over the next few hours.  The first is coming in from the NW with the line depicted above.  That line has produced some hail in a couple of thunderstorms -- one near Spring City (which also brought hail to Phoenixville) and the other over Hunterdon County in New Jersey.  The line is slipping southeast and will pass through a fair chunk of the city over the next hour or so.

Behind that, another round of showers and thundershowers can't be ruled out through the course of the afternoon as the atmosphere is unstable thanks to upper level energy moving down from the northwest.  Any of the stronger showers or storms could bring gusty winds and perhaps small hail (pea to penny size) as they move through.  There are other pockets of showers currently north of Harrisburg and near Williamsport as of 2 PM.  Once this line moves through, it's possible the intensity of the showers that follow is a bit muted thanks to this first line dropping through but odds do favor at least another shot of shower activity sliding down from the northwest over the next several hours.

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