Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Song Remains The Same With Scattered Showers

Some spots picked up over a half inch of rainfall from yesterday's rounds of showers in our coolest day since the beginning of May.  Today will ultimately end up a couple of notches warmer but we will run the risk of seeing more showers pop up as an upper level disturbance pivots through our region around the stubborn and slow moving upper level low.

Temperatures start out this morning in the 40's and 50's in the Delaware Valley -- coolest generally to our north.  Skies vary in cloud cover early this morning -- but there is more clearing locally and to our north as the remnants of last night's shower activity push southeast through Delaware and South Jersey in our pre-dawn hours. We should get a few hours of fairer weather in today -- skies will be partly to mostly sunny -- before showers pop up towards midday and into the afternoon.  Predicting who gets when and how much is tough to do in situations like this but odds do favor the afternoon and early evening for shower activity.

Highs this afternoon will get to around 70 in the Philadelphia metro, perhaps lower 70's south of town, with upper 60's possible in the Lehigh Valley.  It will once again be a cool day in the region but we might be able to out-coax yesterday's high of 68.