Friday, June 01, 2012

Starts Nice, Ends Not So Nice Tonight

Outside of the city this morning, it's almost cool out.  Temperatures at 4 AM range from the middle 60's along I-95 in Philly and Wilmington to the 50's in most of the suburbs under clear skies and light winds for most locations.  There was an area of fog across the Shore that had developed over the past couple of hours.  That could spread a bit more inland before dissipating after sunrise as the sun works the atmosphere up a bit.

Today's weather features a decent to very nice start across the region before things go south in the afternoon thanks to an approaching storm system that's over the Ohio Valley this morning.  There are already a couple of showers in Western Pennsylvania that could track over the Poconos and Central Pennsylvania towards midday or early this afternoon.  However, a more widespread round of rain, thunder, and potentially severe weather will work in from the west and southwest this evening and tonight.  Odds favor places to the city's south and west getting some severe weather and a slight risk is out generally from Reading to Delco to AC on south and west.  More on the severe weather potential later on this morning.

Rain and thunder will be in the cards for this evening and overnight...until then expect gradually increasing clouds and gradually increasing breezes from the southeast but the majority of us will be dry through the course of the day.  Winds could gust over 20 miles per hour this afternoon.  High temperatures will reach around 80 away from the ocean, getting into the 70's this afternoon along the coast.