Monday, June 11, 2012

Step Down In Temp, Step Up In Clouds

After Sunday ended up as the warmest day of 2012 so far (94 for a high in Philly), today is starting off on a mild note but will not finish in a similar vein to yesterday when it comes to temperatures thanks to a southeast breeze that will set up shop across the region later on.   Temperatures, starting in the 60's this morning, will warm into the 80's inland this afternoon and only into the 70's this afternoon as winds are coming in off of the Atlantic today, which means a bit more humidity and a bit less heat.  Still warm, just not *as* warm as the past couple of days.

The other story will be the increase of high and gradually mid level clouds across the Delaware Valley today from west to east as a storm system approaches the region.  One also can't rule out a shower popping west of town but odds favor the vast majority of the region staying dry today.

That storm system will be our weather story for Tuesday and Tuesday night, bringing us a decent shot at heavier thunderstorm activity as it approaches and crosses the region.  The good news is that computer modeling has sped up the timing on the storm system so impacts on Wednesday will be confined mainly to the morning hours as the front does push offshore...we were looking at the possibility of a frontal boundary stall out overhead at one point and the outside possibility of inches of rain.  While heavy rains can't be ruled out on Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning as the front moves through, this does not look like a long duration impact event although a few showers or storms can't be ruled out in the afternoon over the coming days after this front clears the region.