Saturday, June 09, 2012

Summery Day Brings Thundery Chances Late

A beautiful morning across the region as skies have a deck of mid and high level clouds drifting overhead in places as the sun shines for most everyone else.  Temperatures range from the 50's in cooler suburbs to the middle 60's along I-95, again a few degrees warmer out of the gate than yesterday.  Continuing that "few degrees warmer" trend of the past few days, today will once again be a few degrees warmer than yesterday.  We're thinking highs get to the upper 80's in Southeast Pennsylvania, South Jersey, and Delaware.  Can't rule out a 90 degree reading in parts of Delaware or across inland South Jersey but most everyone should land around 88 or 89 away from the water in those areas.  The Shore should get to 80 or so this afternoon.

For most, a very nice and warm summery day is ahead...a day that should stay dry for the vast majority of us.  That said, north of the city could see some thunderstorms track down from the northwest and across the Poconos, Lehigh Valley, or even portions of Bucks or Montco this afternoon and evening before they work through the northern half of New Jersey.   Those storms should be scattered at worst, isolated at best, and fast movers (30 miles per hour or so) if they do indeed develop.  While we're not, for now, under any risk of severe weather there is a chance that those storms could flirt with severe criteria from a wind gust standpoint.  The farther south and southwest one is, the better the chance for a completely dry day.