Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tomorrow's Heat Primer

Excessive heat warnings and heat advisories populate much of the region for Wednesday and Thursday -- the exceptions are Southern Delaware and Poconos as criteria for heat warning or advisory in those places will not be met -- in the case of Southern Delaware heat index values will probably reach 100 or so but will avoid 105 (heat advisory criteria) while in the Poconos heat index values will probably only reach the mid 90's.   Regardless of whether or not your location is under a heat advisory or heat warning is immaterial as it's going to be darn hot tomorrow and temperatures will remain hot through Thursday, perhaps even into Friday as models now want to bring another hot...but not as nasty day...to the region on Friday.

Factoring in heat and humidity, heat index values tomorrow approach or exceed 100 degrees in many locations through the region.  Even if heat index values don't surpass 100, it's going to feel quite hot in the region tomorrow.