Friday, June 22, 2012

Update Heading Into The Evening

Update, 7:30 PM:  Storms have worked over much of the city over the past hour, with an inch to two inches of rain falling in portions of the city since 6 PM.  Today's storms have been very hit and miss as the Shore (Ocean County) took the brunt of today's thunderstorm activity, with some of the northern and western burbs staying dry through the course of the day.  Storms will push into South Jersey and slowly weaken over the next couple of hours, with the cell working into Delaware likely the last to cross the region as it pushes east trailing behind the rest of the thunderstorm activity.

Today's 94 degree high through 4 PM is the last of the heat for a while.  A combination seabreeze/outflow front from thunderstorms that developed along the seabreeze around Noon has been pushing slowly westward, with thunderstorms firing across New Jersey much of this afternoon.  Over four inches of rain fell in portions of Ocean County, with flash flood warnings popping across parts of the Garden State.

A severe thunderstorm watch is out until 9 PM...and radar up above from 4:30 shows a line of thunderstorms from High Point in New Jersey southwest to Allentown, with another batch of storms out along the PA Turnpike near Cornwall and Harrisburg, all of which are moving east.  The northern part of that line (Allentown and north) has been pretty active, with hail and gusty winds along the line as it pushes east.  Other thunderstorms are more scattered in nature as they move along to the east this afternoon.  Adding to the fun, the sea breeze front is pushing through the city at this hour and should help "fire" up additional shower and storm activity around town over the next couple of hours as the front is breaking the cap in place over the region and helping create the necessary lift to fire storms up.   Not everyone gets a storm but those that do run the risk of heavy rain and gusty winds as they fire and push east.  With the front coming in from the west, those storms should cross the city between 6 and 8 PM in addition to any other storms that fire over the next hour or two.

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