Friday, June 15, 2012

A Very Nice End Of The Work Week

We are starting off Friday in the 50's and 60's across the region -- generally coolest in New Jersey thanks to the influence of the Pinelands on a clear night with light winds.  The seasonable start in temperatures will lead to a very nice Friday across the Delaware Valley as temperatures range from the mid 70's at the Shore this afternoon to the lower 80's inland for high temperatures later on.  Skies, which are generally clear this morning, will transition to a mix of sun and clouds later on.

While there might be a shower that pops this afternoon in the Poconos or Central Pennsylvania thanks to daytime heating, the odds of this are low and if anything does indeed pop, it shouldn't be anything too nasty or long duration over any one location.  One of the computer models is hinting at the possibility of something firing up this afternoon to our northwest but it is the outlier compared to other guidance.  At minimum, cloud presence this afternoon might be a bit more prevalent in the Poconos than at the Shore.  Regardless, for the most part it should be a very nice day ahead of us!