Thursday, June 07, 2012

Warmest Start To Year In Philly

2012 is shaping up to potentially result in the warmest year on record so far given the current pace of warming.  In fact, it's blowing the competition out by a full degree through the end of May.  So far, our average daily temperature this year is 50.96 degrees, warmer than the old mark of 49.96 degrees set in 1998.

Temperatures so far this year are running nearly five degrees above the 1981-2010 average of 45.99 degrees and are four degrees warmer than this same point last year.  Climate records in Philadelphia officially go back to 1872, unofficially back to 1820.

It's not just impressive here...but it's impressive nationally.  Even around the region, Allentown, Baltimore, Harrisburg, and Atlantic City are all having their warmest starts to the year on record.  It's a warm surge brought to us by a very warm winter and a very warm Spring...including some of the warmest months of March on record (or close to it) in a number of spots.  Below is an interesting graph of how this year is stacking up to past years in terms of how quickly we are warming up comparatively to other warm years of the past.

Want cold?  Head to Alaska.  Nome was nearly seven degrees below average to start the year and Bethel (in southwest Alaska, to Nome's south) was nearly eight degrees below average.